Topics may include programming, classic console games, comic books, kung fu flicks, spaghetti westerns, or giant cartoon robots.
Grant Birchmeier is from West Michigan but currently lives in Chicagoland.

Archive of past posts

Headline Published
I put Parserator back up 2020-01-07
Some Stuff I Made 2018-03-21
Comic books I bought: Nov 25-Dec 9, 2015 2016-01-05
NES Game Inventory 2014-12-28
Like an asinine phoenix 2014-10-27
But I'm not even on Foursquare... 2011-05-02
*13 is Live 2008-09-22
Server Crash Aftermath 2008-07-01
We Are Married 2008-02-18
I Will Finally Fix the IE Display Problems 2008-01-07
Pictures from WizardWorld 2007 2007-12-07
Star-13 Demo - "I'm Afraid of Americans" 2007-12-04
Late to the Social Networking Party 2007-11-29
The National Unemployment Rate Is About To Go Up 2007-11-10
A Long Overdue Mini-Facelift 2007-09-23
I Am A Victim of Credit Card Fraud 2007-09-02
These guys are still around? 2007-07-31
Bay's Transformers Sucks Less Than It Should 2007-07-18
I found Clue 2007-06-14
Upcoming Reunion for Fruitport Class of 1997 2007-04-11
My Cat Ate A Shoelace, Aftermath 2007-03-11
My Cat Ate A Shoelace, Part 4 2007-02-08
My Cat Ate A Shoelace, Part 3 2007-02-08
My Cat Ate A Shoelace, Part 2 2007-02-08
My Cat Ate A Shoelace 2007-02-08
The Fit is Go! 2007-01-22
Bruce Campbell pitches Old Spice 2007-01-15
Battlefield Improvisation 2006-12-07
Aggravation in the UK 2006-10-21
Because You Demanded It 2006-10-03
A Brain-Teaser For You 2006-09-21
My First Comic Convention 2006-08-19
Joe Lieberman, you arrogant jackass. 2006-08-09
Optimus Prime will have his original voice 2006-07-23
...and one more thing 2006-07-15
Electric Six live in concert 2006-07-15
Impatient for the Apocalypse 2006-06-24
Cat Bastard 2006-05-02
Highly Recommended: Thank You For Smoking 2006-04-15
Military Bumper-sticker Theology 2006-04-04
Saturday Night at the Little Brown Jug 2006-03-28
HBTM 2006-03-10
Pitchshifter's making new music! Rejoice! 2006-03-05
Go See The Matador 2006-02-22
Internet Explorer lets me down 2006-01-31
Nuclear Sunburn and the Careless Image Linker 2006-01-28
Military executions of detainees in Guantanamo? Yes, it's now possible. 2006-01-25
MacGyver is old 2006-01-23
Other Grants on the web 2006-01-15
Temporarily looks like hell 2005-12-11
Immigrants don't settle in the Deep South 2005-12-08
I got a new digital camera. Here's some cats. 2005-11-20
"Kung Fu Hustle" is really good. 2005-11-07
Good show. 2005-11-04
Gravity Kills reunion show 2005-10-01
Redesigning... 2005-09-25
Many points 2005-09-24
Buy my stuff on eBay! 2005-07-17
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