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Saturday Night at the Little Brown Jug

I had an unexpectedly good time at the Little Brown Jug in Fruitport on Saturday. Now, I always thought the Little Brown Jug was a dungy little bar, but then again, I'd never actually been in there. It's actually pretty nice in there! And I saw a few pretty sweet mullets.

So why was I at LBJ? To see my friends' band Outlet, of course. They're pretty much a cover band, but they sounded pretty good. And their hard version of Cream's "The White Room" was pretty sweet. Wish I'd brought earplugs, though. My ears were ringing all the next day. (Here's Outlet's MySpace page.)

This was followed by late breakfast at the Rendezvous, Grand Haven's premier late night hotspot for chain-smoking rebel high schoolers and the young adults they become. In other words, the perfect place for a bunch of old high school friends to sober up and visit without screaming over speakers. When I entered I was stumbling a bit, but when I left I was walking just fine. Of course, by then it was almost 5am.

Frankly, that was one of the most fun nights I've had in quite a while.


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