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Bruce Campbell pitches Old Spice

Cult film star Bruce Campbell is now pitching Old Spice. Which could have been terrible if the commercial wasn't bizarrely hilarious, playing into the smug mock confidence that is one of his trademarks.

When I found this I mentioned it to a co-worker of mine. The guy has an Attack of the Killer Tomatoes movie poster in his cube, so he must like corny cinema, and I figured it's a sure thing that he's seen Army of Darkness and the like. He responded, "who?". Bah.

I told him to check out Army of Darkness. Notably, it's directed by Sam Raimi, Bruce's hometown friend and director of the Spider-Man movies. Bruce has cameos in all the Spider-Man flicks, and it's rumored he may play the villian Mysterio in the 4th movie.

If you like movie-related memoirs (or generally entertaining books), you'll probably like Bruce's book If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor. It's about him growing up in Michigan and breaking into the industry with his group of friends (which includes Sam Raimi). If nothing else, you'll learn that Gene Hackman is a dick.


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