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Comic books I bought: Nov 25-Dec 9, 2015

I should post stuff here more often. How about I run down my comic book purchases from Nov 25 to Dec 9? Let's dork it up in here.

Nov 25

Aquaman #46 (DC) - I'm about to drop this title. One of the best New 52 launches settled down, becoming merely pretty good toward the end of Geoff Johns' inaugural run and through Jeff Parker's tenure, but Cullen Bunn's story since #41 has me losing interest with every issue. We're 6 installments into a weird alternate-universe Atlantis storyline and I just don't care.

The Fuse #16 (Image) - One of my favorite books on the shelf right now is this police procedural that takes place in a city on a shitty space station orbiting Earth. Rather than focusing on a single case, this current storyline centers on the station's annual "Perihelion" celebration and the precinct's struggle to keep general order and juggle several high-profile events (including a high-end cat burglar, a mob-hit-turned-hospital-standoff, and a serial killer). This is the best arc yet.

Guardians of the Galaxy #2 (Marvel) - It's good. Not great, but good.

Silver Surfer #15 (Marvel) - Mike Allred's novel take on Silver Surfer concludes as Surfer and Dawn create a universe. This book has been pretty weird, but a still-accessible kinda weird. I guess the next issue will be a new relaunch at #1, but that's cosmetic, because the creative team will not change.

Venom Space Knight #1 (Marvel) - This was a surprise. I didn't really know what to expect, but I got a painted space action story that knew how to move. Robbie Thompson and Ariel Olivetti are kicking off a new title right.

Dec 1

Barrier #1 (Panel Syndicate) - Bryan K. Vaughn's new release on his pay-what-you-want digital site. Starts off as a pretty interesting border drama with main characters on each side of the divide, right up until the last page where... whaaaaaaat.

Dec 2

Cyborg #5 (DC) - Ugh, will this boring storyline just end already? Writer David Walker scored a lot of points with his fantastic Shaft miniseries, but he is just not hitting it here, and this alternate-dimension Borg noise needs to stop ASAP. The next arc needs to get away from this crap and do something more grounded, else I'm done.

Midnighter #7 (DC) - This book is pretty great. Maybe it shouldn't be, as the main character is just a technologically-enhanced combat machine vigilante who doesn't ever actually seem to be in danger, but writer Steve Orlando has written a character who is fun to read and tries to have a personal life in between missions. In this issue, Midnighter faces an actual threat. I should have seen this twist coming, but for some reason I didn't.

Nova #2 (Marvel) - I should probably be past reading about a 14-year-old superhero, but I like Marvel's cosmic stuff and I've been into Nova since the 2007 Abnett/Lanning-written series about the previous guy. Sam's just got his long-lost dad back (also a Nova), and they're falling into a tag-team groove... until a monster-fight incident reveals that Sam's dad might not be totally normal anymore. I'm thinking I might be able to start reading this series with my son in another year or so.

Replica #1 (AfterShock) - Checked this out on a recommendation from the comic shop guy (thanks, Kirk!). Trevor Carter is a under-resourced cop on a grimy intergalactic hub, and I'm a sucker for grimy space stuff (see The Fuse above). It starts with him wishing his precinct had more capable cops, and ends with him having a bunch of clones. I'm in.

Dec 9

Constantine, The Hellblazer #7 (DC) - After the previous botch that was the New 52 Contantine title finally and rightfully got terminated, DC appears to have lightened up on the editorial reins and allowed writers Ming Doyle & James Tynion IV to write the non-superhero-tainted book that the character deserves. And it's been pretty darn good so far. Riley Rossmo's art also helps, a much-welcome departure from the DC superhero house-style that seems to have been previously enforced. It's not the Vertigo book that we all wish DC hadn't killed in 2013, but it's almost worthy of the name. And hey! This issue has Swamp Thing!

Guardians of the Galaxy #3 (Marvel) - See earlier comment about issue #2.


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