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Nuclear Sunburn and the Careless Image Linker

As you can see, I did some redesign. I dub this layout "Nuclear Sunburn". Two people have already told me it's too orange or too yellow. That means success!

I'm still tweaking the colors.

Yesterday I was poking through my server logs and found that some kid on Myspace was using one of my images as his background image.

For those not in the know, Myspace is a big web blog service where millions of high schoolers can share their love of ugly web pages and leave pointless comments for each other. Also some good bands use it to communicate with fans.

So anyway, people with sites should know that it's a little chancey to link images that are hosted elsewhere. The host can change or remove the image at any time. Or perhaps a clever host might change the image to something obscene or embarrassing. For instance, this kid on Myspace found the image that he originally linked (my image) replaced with something far scarier. (Beware the Frans Ferdinand!)

If he's noticed by now, then my fun is probably spoiled and you won't see my havoc.

At first I was going to change it to some balls or something, but I figured that was probably too crass. And I'm 26, so that really shouldn't be so funny anymore (even though it is). Regardless, this is much funnier.


2006-01-31 11:08pm Internet Explorer lets me down
Ignore this block if you somehow can see it. It's a hack to force the 'yieldbox' div to be as wide as the viewport allows, even if the content isn't wide.