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Articles and Interviews

Here's a bunch of assorted Gravity Kills articles I've found on the net. I'm trying to keep it to only those that have quotes from the band or have otherwise unique or interesting content. I'm also including press releases from the band.

I've tried to find the original links to the interviews instead of just mirroring them, because it's not really cool to take hits away from the owner of an article. I do have backups of all the articles on this page, so if a link breaks, I can repost the article.

If you know of any articles that I should put up here, or if any of these links are broken, please send me an email. (Please, no CD reviews or concert reviews. Those are a dime a dozen.)

Audio mp3 clips:

The following are broken links. I'm sure I have them in a backup somewhere, and I intend to restore them.


Date Title and Article Link Publication Quotes from
Aug1995 Killing Time (local copy) The Riverfront Times Kurt/Matt/Doug
Nov1995 Gravity's Rainbow (local copy) The Riverfront Times Kurt
Feb1996 Gravity's Pull (local copy) The Riverfront Times Kurt/Doug
May1996 Interview: Jeff Scheel of Gravity Kills RockNet Jeff
Aug1996 Gravity Kills lives a dream: Touring with the Sex Pistols The Detroit News Matt
Aug1996 Interview with Gravity Kills Concert Direct Jeff/Kurt/Doug
Aug1996 Live from the Tour Bus: ... Rock Around the World Jeff/Kurt
Aug1996 Gravity Kills AsYlem Doug/Matt
Nov1996 Interview with Gravity Kills, La Luna, Portland Sonic-Boom Magazine Doug/Kurt
Apr1997 Gravity Kills (Swedish) Groove Magazine Jeff
Aug1997 Gravity Kills (So You Don't Have To) Doug
???1997 The Band Who Fell To Earth Real Groove Kurt
???1997 Interview during European tour (local copy) ??? (Can anyone help?) Matt/Doug
May1998 Gravity Kills Singer Suffers Whiplash
Jun1998 Preaching To The Perverted Jeff
Jun1998 Defying Gravity (local copy) St. Louis Post-Dispatch Doug/Kurt/Jeff/Matt
Jul1998 A New Perversion: Killing Time with Gravity Kills Jeff
Aug1998 Gravity Kills Inspires Nail Polish Color (local copy) Billboard (article no longer up)
Nov1998 Interview with Matt Dudenhoeffer (local copy) Red & Black Matt
???1998 Gravity Kills (local copy) Voltage Jeff
Sep1999 Interview at Spiritfest '99 The Zone Jeff/Doug/Matt
???199? a2b music featured artist a2b music Jeff
???199? case study: GRAVITY KILLS - The Making of Perversion Keyboard Magazine Doug
???199? maggots & vomit & gonads OH MY!!! Sonic Envelope Jeff
???199? Be Careful Who You Kill Tonight (German) discover - muzik & mehr Jeff
???199? After the Plea of Guilty Omnibus(?) Kurt
Mar2000 Kurt Kerns Leaves Gravity Kills (local copy) Official Band Press Release
Jan2001 Interview with Jeff Scheel The Pit Fiend Jeff
Feb2001 11 Most Anticipated Albums of 2001 (local scan) Metal Edge (Feb01, pg 75)
Nov2001 Sanctuary Records announces the signing of GRAVITY KILLS Sanctuary Records
Nov2001 Interview Spore Magazine Doug/Matt
Nov2002 The Jeff Scheel Interview Rag Magazine Jeff
Jan2002 Studio Report: Gravity Kills record at Martin Atkins' gaff Metal Hammer Jeff/(Doug or Matt?)
Jan2002 Interview East Coast Romper ?
Feb2002 Feeding the Hunger! OnTrackMagazine Brad
Mar2002 Gravity Kills gets off the ground again, hungry for success STL Today Doug/Matt
Mar2002 Seconds From Superstardom Shoutweb Jeff

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